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Technology enhances your driving experience, and Lincoln continues to be an innovator with advanced systems that offer entertainment and driver-assists. We want you to maximize the enjoyment with all this technology at your fingertips, so our Lincoln service technicians in NJ host Tech Tuesday at the dealership. These informational sessions are held at 7 p.m. until close each Tuesday in the showroom for anyone who has questions about Lincoln technology. It is a great chance to have a one-on-one session with one of our technology specialists to go over all the nuances and advantages within each system. They also can take you through the steps of how to use the different features as well. Sign up for Tech Tuesday at Chapman Lincoln by completing our reservation form below. Our Lincoln service technicians in NJ look forward to meeting you.

Seamless Technology

Lincoln has long been known as a technology leader, and some of the features you will find on one of their models are the Lincoln SYNC® infotainment system and the Lincoln Co-Pilot360™. Lincoln SYNC® is integrated within the front LCD touchscreen and performs a host of tasks, including navigation and entertainment. This system is excellent for finding a restaurant in a new town or navigating around traffic that may be caused by an accident. This system also can play your Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™ playlists, along with syncing with your phone for hands-free calling and text messaging. The Lincoln Co-Pilot360™ safety system is outfitted with an array of alerts and driver-assists. If there is danger ahead, an alarm will sound, or the vehicle will even try to avoid the obstruction with steering and braking input. Our Lincoln service technicians in NJ can tell you more about these functions and the many others on your Lincoln model when you sign up for Tech Tuesday at Chapman Lincoln.

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